DIY: Felt Fox Appliqué

Every year I challenge myself into making far too many homemade gifts! This year I feel I am much better prepared and like to think I haven’t taken on too much, however, I am planning on illustrating some homemade cards too, so we shall see!

Here’s one gift idea that’s great for kids (and grown up’s too.)  Appliquéd felt animal faces! I have chosen to make a fox but you can choose which ever animal takes your fancy. Once you have your animal made you can attach it to a cushion, tote bag, t-shirt – whatever really. So here’s how you can do it too..

Equipment Needed:

  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Scraps of fabric
  • Buttons for eyes
  • Large needle and embroidery threads
  • Sewing pins

Step 1. Start by drawing out a simple design of your chosen animal. I drew a few different fox faces based on simple shapes then picked my favourite.20131124-162132.jpg

Step 2. Cut the base of your face out in felt, I chose orange for my fox. Then layer on top of the felt your scraps of fabric to build up the design of your face.  Once your happy with which scraps should go where, pin them all down and choose yourself some embroidery threads.

Step 3. The next step is to blanket stitch all of your scraps onto the felt, I used different coloured embroidery threads for each scrap to make the fox more colourful. Blanket stitch is quite a bold stitch, it helps to neaten everything up whilst adding to the look at the same time.  If you haven’t ever used this stitch before I have included a you tube tutorial for you below..20131124-161834.jpg

Step 4. Once you have finished blanket stitching all of the scraps onto your face you can finish off by adding buttons for the eyes. I chose beady black eyes for my fox and added a circle of white felt underneath to make them stand out.20131124-161855.jpg

Step 5. Once the eyes are on your fox is complete! Now you can give him your choice of home, I’m thinking T-shirts for the kids… Happy gift making friends!20131124-161848.jpg


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