Illustrative Brush Strokes



Drawing seems to have taken over the creative side of my brain at the moment, it could be due to the fact that me and my sewing machine aren’t the best of friends right now, but regardless of that it has always been pretty hard to keep my creative activities balanced. I haven’t ever focussed too much on my own drawing skills and one of my reasons for setting up this blog was so I could develop my own drawing style, so I’m quite happy to be focussing on it for a change. 

I put it down to The Campaign for Drawing for rekindling the love affair, I have really enjoyed trying out new techniques by joining in their weekly drawing challenges. Plus, I have come across so much inspiring illustration talent recently that has made me want to push my own work forward.

I’m sure this has been mentioned before but I find it hard to stray away from my beloved pencil! Last week I branched out and tried some other media including a new addition to my tool collection, the Pentel Brush Pen. I really enjoyed using the brush pen, it was strange not to have the same amount of control as you get with a pencil, but I’m really pleased with the results of my experimentation, what do you think? 20131121-225913.jpg20131121-225926.jpg


7 thoughts on “Illustrative Brush Strokes

  1. Thank you for the compliments ladies, gives me a bit more confidence to try out some more mixed media styles 🙂 Maybe I’ll even ditch the pencil!

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