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DIY: Fluffy Pom Pom Jumper


With Soho on my doorstep I occasionally wander up to haberdashery heaven – aka Kleins and get lost in all the bits and bobs for a while. A few weeks ago I was so excited to find the old store was having a clearance sale ready for a move to a fancy new showroom. Discount haberdashery is enough to make my heart skip a beat, so naturally I went crazy and bought all sorts of things.

One of my weird and wonderful finds was this length of navy blue fluff which I have used to transform an otherwise very plain jumper into something a little more stylish. This is so simple to achieve, I cut the length into 2 inch pieces, folded and sewed them together into ten little pom pom’s, which I then attached onto my jumper.

A cheap and cheerful DIY and a pretty cool new addition to the Winter wardrobe! You could jazz up your own jumper using just about anything, why don’t you give it a try? 20131118-214510.jpg20131118-214456.jpg20131118-214448.jpg

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