A Modern Tapestry

I first discovered the work of Kiki Smith at the Frieze Art Fair when I was studying for my fashion degree, back then her sculpture work influenced my final project, so it came as no surprise to me that once again I was drawn to her artwork at Frieze this year.

Smith worked with Magnolia Editions to create this series of large-scale tapestries using Director Donald Farnsworth‘s, ‘innovative technique for weaving fine art Jacquard tapestries’. Her tapestries are developed to perfection using a detailed refining process, ‘Each composition has undergone dozens of steps and versions on its way to completion, from large collaged paper drawings to digital files; prints to reprints to reprints with overpainting and more collaging; painting, weaving, and re-weaving until each detail, texture, and colour met exactly with the artist’s specifications.’ The outcome of this intricate and timely refining process has created stunning results and I find it very difficult to choose a favourite.

The underlying theme’s within Smith’s works have always interested me and I love the board range of work she has created during her time as an artist which are said to depict, ‘an absence of boundaries between human, flora, and fauna native to the realm of myth and animistic spiritual traditions. Smith says the cast of plants, animals, and heavenly bodies in this body of work suggest “how imperative it is at this moment to celebrate and honor the wondrous and precarious nature of being here on earth.”’ Beautiful..Kiki-Sky-Final-522x800Kiki-Smith-Cathedral-V2-13ks1Kiki-Earth-Final-543x800Kiki-Smith-Guide-12ks5c-529x800


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