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Edgy Illustration

Fashion week is always the perfect opportunity to go wild if your into fashion illustration, so many gorgeous models dressed in fresh outfits to get sketching too. At the weekend I came across the work of Valerie Servais who creates some seriously edgy fashion illustrations. In this post are some illustrations Valerie produced during A/W13 which, although not her most recent, I found the most appropriate being as it is the current season!

I like an illustrator who isn’t afraid to break the rules, her work excites me like Julie Verhoeven’s did when I first saw it and has inspired me to be less cautious and create some unconventional beauties. I now have the urge to pick up my pens and pencils again.. Don’t you?

25_Giles_VS 3_Mary_K_VS 8_Lucas_Nascimento_VS 12_Roksanda_IIincic_VS 22_Ashish_VS 1_Burberry_VS


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