Deborah & Terence

Watching my little Sister wed her best friend and now wonderful husband Terence was one of the happiest days of my life! A week ago today and it’s hard to believe it actually happened, but it did, I have photographic evidence to prove it! In the spare time we had before the rest of the party arrived at the reception, we took a little walk in the woodland and I photographed the two of them having fun in the rain together!

Deborah is a strange being and actually likes the rain so she was still smiling when the clouds parted and the heavens opened. We were all fully prepared with Wedding wellies and umbrella’s. It was a special request of the bride and groom to bring an umbrella in either a green or a blue.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Simms!


20131106-211044.jpg 20131106-211030.jpg 20131106-211119.jpg 20131106-211132.jpg 20131106-211149.jpg 20131106-211210.jpg 20131106-211223.jpg 20131106-211238.jpg


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