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Thoughts on Age


I came across this heart warming comparative portrait shot today on Pinterest, taken by photographer Erik Anestad. Both portraits of the lady photographed to are beautiful and displayed together become even more so. I would love to produce a series of portraits similar to this, which has sparked up my own thoughts on the continued age debate. Why has growing older become such a troublesome issue for so many individuals, no matter what their actual age?

I think old age is a wonderful thing. I throughly enjoy speaking with older people, people who have lived through so many changes, experienced so many things and are often able to see things much clearer than us youngsters. It is often thought by most that you are forgotten about or become invisible as you grow old but for me they couldn’t be more wrong. I am always interested in what the older generation has to say and I constantly think about my own grandparents, to me they are among the most important members of my family and I know that is true for my friends also, those of us who are lucky enough still to have our grandparents. Even those who have passed are never forgotten.

I must bring up the inevitable point that I only have my own opinion on age as a younger woman, but also that I have heard people as young as 25 complain that they are ‘getting old’.  For the majority of our days we would not be classed as old by any other, so why do we bring it upon ourselves to continuously imagine we are reaching our shelf life? At what age do you decide that you are ‘getting old’ and why is that such a negative thing to us?

Old age is something that happens to us all and takes a long to time to get too, we should be proud of our age instead of seeing it as a horrible affliction brought upon us against our will. Can’t we grow older with a little more grace and banish this stigma of ‘Being Old.’



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