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The mighty Frieze London descended upon Regents Park a couple of weeks ago, I visited on the Saturday armed with my compact camera and sketchbook. I managed to get around all the stands and stop for refreshments before it closed, quite an achievement I thought. One of the biggest and best in the world, Frieze Art Fair is THE place to come and be inspired by contemporary art. If you are an art lover like myself it’s like heaven, albeit a very tiring heaven which can leave your brain feeling a tad overloaded.

I came away with a whole heap of new ideas I want to develop into artwork together with a dream of winning the lottery so I can spend the rest of my days being an artist without having to worry about making a living from it. Here are a few snaps from inside the tent, the huge maze filled with weird and wonderful things…

Seeing art in the flesh is a very different experience to browsing art from your computer screen or flicking through pictures in a book. You are able to feel the impact of the art, whether it be a painting or an installation. You can take into account size, texture and the emotions it provokes, this often means that you are drawn to more unusual things. Below are some pieces that attracted my attention on the day, I have purposefully left out my favourite ‘Frieze Finds’ so I can share them with you in more detail in the future… Enjoy!Olafur Eliasson, Fade Door Up.jpg Olahur Eliasson, Fade Door up.Isa Genzken.jpgIsa GenzkenTomas Saraceno.jpg Tomas SaracenoEnrico David.jpgEnrico David, ‘Untitled’ (Hornets Nest) Rana Begum.jpg Rana BegumMarzena Nowak.jpg Narzena NowakAntonis Donef.jpg Antonis DonefKader Attia.jpg Kader AttiaLuiz Zebini Pattern, slides and tape.jpg Luiz ZerbiniNiki de Saint Palle.jpgNiki de Saint PhallePiotr Uklanski.jpg Tobias Madism, NOMai Thu Perret.jpg Mai Thu PerretPiotr Uklanski.jpgPiotr UklanskiApichatpongWeerasethakul, Power Boy.jpgApichatpong Weerasethakul, Power Boy


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