Art / Illustration

There is Only Time

If you have been following my blog for a while now you will know that I have a slight obsession with paper cut artwork. Rob Ryan is one of the original masters of this craft and for a short time only his new exhibition, ‘There is only Time’ is being shown at the Sims Reed Gallery, London.

I had the pleasure of viewing the gorgeous selection of works last week and I would highly recommended going to see Rob’s work in the flesh if you ever have the opportunity. There is no escaping the impressive fact that it must take forever to cut out the inricate detailing in each of these large scale illustrations. The art of spiritual / realist story telling makes you connect with the imagery even further, helping to take your eyes through the whole piece so you are able to appeciate every detail.

I felt like I had been whisked away into Rob’s world whilst I was there.ย I left the gallery feeling wonderful and straight away purchased the accompaning newspaper from Ryantown, Rob Ryan’s etsy shop, so the stories could stay with me forever..

Rob Ryan sub atomic love story 20131028-211503.jpg Rob Ryan There is only time 20131028-211519.jpgRob Ryan Love hasn't even got started yet

20131028-211448.jpg 20131028-211435.jpg


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