The Big Draw!


The Big Draw festival is here and will be running until the end of the month. So far I have attended two events, a live model drawing session at The Mall Galleries which I popped down to on my lunch break and an Ink and Drink event, where I spent the evening drawing and colouring with my friend Sofie in the very beautiful setting of The Wallace Collection. Most events during the festival are free so if you haven’t done so already find out how you can get involved here.

At the Ink and Drink event on Friday evening we were given copies of Levi Pinfold’s illustrated Medieval Town to colour in whilst we drank wine and listened to live jazz – very sophisticated! 20131020-221413.jpg20131020-221436.jpg20131020-221503.jpg

We also had the chance to chat to Levi Pinfold whilst he lead a drawing session. The session took place in the armoury, where I drew this armoured horse! Levi spoke about his progression into drawing from his imagination, which apparently comes with plenty of practice from drawing live subjects. I’m not sure I’ll ever make that progression! 20131020-221419.jpg

To support the The Big Draw I’ve bought this bright pink canvas tote bag which arrived in the post with a lovely hand written message to thank me for supporting the campaign for drawing…  Get Involved people, its great fun!20131020-221406.jpg


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