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Japan has been high up on my list of dream destinations for some time now. Everytime I see a series of photographs I become even more intrigued by the countries beauty and culture. I don’t think I have been so intrigued by a country since India. 

This short selection of photo’s from Michael Chichi’s series TOKYO:KYOTO has me dreaming once again and proves that by photographing even the smallest of details you can capture the essence of a countries culture.

‘The camera can be a wonderful tool for observation, study and greater awareness. Offering a way to slow down & pause. Sometimes lugging a camera around can feel like a total burden, buffering you from genuine experience. Whereas other times, it can have the opposite effect. Bringing you in closer contact with the NOW – framing presence & beauty. The photo/imaging experience becomes a means of establishing contact – with a tree, a person, a building, a vibrational frequency, an atmosphere or a certain lightness of being.’

The above quote is taken directly from Michael’s website Counterforum, which showcases further series’ of his work. I agree that having your camera with you on every journey can both enhance and inhibit your experience at times. But I find I can appreciate, more often than not, the chance my camera has given me to slow down and take in much more from my surroundings.



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