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Under the Sea

Last Saturday I spent my afternoon surrounded by sea life at the London Aquarium, a slighty more unusual day out for me and my pals as we celebrated our good friends Birthday. As I trailed behind the rest of the group with camera in hand, I realised just how tricky it is to take a decent photograph of a fish!

The whole aquarium is lit with very low lighting and there is no flash photography allowed so I found it quite a challenge, especially as not many of my subjects wanted to stay still and pose. In spite of my difficulties, out of the 150 photograph’s I actually took I did manage to get some interesting shots. Do you think the starfish was trying to get my attention!?

20130929-211123.jpg 20130929-211133.jpg 20130929-211157.jpg 20130929-211208.jpg 20130929-211220.jpg 20130929-211144.jpg 20130929-211243.jpg 20130929-211232.jpg 20130929-211257.jpg 20130929-211308.jpg 20130929-211318.jpg 20130929-211336.jpg 20130929-211353.jpg


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