Between Folds

It’s been a whilst since I posted on my love of paper art. I felt like there became a bit of a paper art overload on the blog at one point so I eased off a little. However, it’s back this week with the intricate paper folding genius of Francisca Preito, and I’m sure there will be much more to come once I have visited the Paper Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery before it closes in November.

‘Francisca’s ongoing series ‘Between Folds‘ explores the deconstruction of rare illustrated periodicals and books using modular structures and typographical elements.’ Francisca’s graphic design roots really shine through in this series, her mesmerizing mathematical forms are softly balanced by her romantic choice of historical media with their subtle muted colour palettes. The three-dimensional folds are constructed in such a perfect way that they make you want to run your fingers across them. It’s origami gone mad and I love it!

bf_blue_catalog_3_big_images bf_blue_catalog_4_big_images bf_butterflies_2_big_images bf_butterflies_6_big_images bf_german_atlas_7_big_images bf_german_atlas_2_big_images


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