Nordic Dreams

Recently thoughts of the new season have been pushed firmly to the back of my mind until this week when I began researching Winter breaks. I find the upcoming change in season pretty hard to deal with but now thoughts of taking a trip to the Nordic region to see the Northern Lights have begun to change my outlook slightly. Lisa Congdon‘s whimsical Nordic inspired illustrations have also helped conjure up excited thoughts of travelling deep into whimsical woodland searching for those bright lights.

You may be surprised to learn that Lisa only started to paint when she was 31 years old. It looks to me like she just slipped right past development and straight into her comfort zone. I love the inclusion of colour and graphics in her illustrations. Her most recent project 365 Days of Hand Lettering, is a beautiful collection of hand written quotes, 100 of which will be published in a book next Spring.  Lisa’s blog is a lovely read too, check it out.

sami_woman_portfolio-580x580 norwegianchurch_cover1-580x580 trees_portfolio1-580x580 sol_portfolio-580x580 Fjäll_portfolio-580x580

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