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The Art of Pressing Flowers

Back in July my little sister Deborah bought me this pretty woodland flower press as a gift for my Birthday. Whilst I spent the afternoon in her glorious back yard I filled the press with flowers flowing from her borders and just under 8 weeks later, here is the big reveal! I’m so happy with the way they turned out, some pictures of my favourites are below. The beautiful rose didn’t really work out to plan but I really like the quirky view from the back.

Being a very thoughtful sister, she had intended the flowers could then be used to make collage illustrations, a style I really want to try to develop further. Last weekend, I drew two sketches for The Big Draw, holiday themed weekly drawing task and included the flowers. I love how they look next to these ladies and I was one of the chosen winners for the task! Thanks Sis!

20130901-194303.jpg 20130901-194332.jpg


4 thoughts on “The Art of Pressing Flowers

  1. Beautiful artwork nikki and it has memories from your afternoon with Debbie and the family in this lovely summer 🙂 mum x

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