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Becoming a Nominee


I have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Tasha from Graphique Fantastique. Natasha is a recent Graphic Design Graduate who shares her journey into the creative industry with her readers. It’s a great read, I recommend you head over there and take a look.

I have been blogging for roughly about a year today and I feel quite honored to have been nominated for this award. My blog started out because I felt I had lost touch with my creative side since finishing my degree 5 years ago. It has done wonders for both my creative development and my confidence. Most of all it makes me happy to see all my thoughts and ideas together in one place. The award nominations work on a tagging basis and it’s a brilliant way of sharing great bloggers with the rest of the blogging community. As part of the rules I am tasked with telling you some interesting things about myself and then I will share with you some top blogs which I have nominated.

So here’s seven things you may or may not know about me!

1. I love to be creative, in pretty much any shape or form.

2.  I am a small town girl from Blackburn, Lancashire who now lives in a small town called Shoreditch, East London.

3.  I hate Winter, hate is a strong word but I just cannot pretend to like it. It’s cold, I’m cold, it’s dark and I hibernate. The End!

4. I am automatically drawn to anything that sparkles.

5. I love being at a festival, to experience the amazing collective happiness that fills the air.

6. It’s difficult for me to choose my favourite things, because so many things are my favourite.

7. I am actually quite anxious on the inside although it may not be obvious from the outside.

Anyway enough about me! Here is my list of Nominee’s for the Versatile Blogger Award. These bloggers inspire me to live a creative lifestyle as I aspire to do on my own blog… Enjoy!


LA Graphic Design



Surface & Surface 

(a) Language of Style




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