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DIY: Sequin Bow Headdress

I have had the idea of making a big bow festival headdress swirling around in my head for ages. Below are some images from Pinterest which I had gathered for inspiration. On the night before I hiked up to Shambala Festival I finally decided to make one.

Even though this creative idea happened slightly last minute, it is such a simple DIY it really took no time at all. Here’s how you can make one for yourself..

Equipment Needed:

  • Black Netting
  • Bag of sequins
  • PVA glue
  • A headband
  • Hair bobble
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush

Step 1 – Fold your piece of netting over twice so that it has four layers. Cut a long length out of the netting about 30cm in width (or as big as you like) the more netting the better!

Step 2 – Scrunch the length of the netting together and hold it in the middle to create your bow shape, then tie it tightly with a hair bobble.

Step 3 – Slip your headband into the hair bobble together with your netting.

Step 4 – Trim down your bow to the exact size you would like. Use any scraps of netting and wrap it around the middle section of the bow, covering the hair bobble. Tie it in a knot at the front.

Step 5 – Get a lot of PVA glue onto the end of your paintbrush.

Step 6 – Cover the end of your bow with a thick layer of glue.

Step 7 – Tip over your bag of sequins and pat them down with your fingers, you can add more glue and sequins until you reach the desired effect.

Step 8 – Repeat the same on the opposite side of the bow and leave to dry fully overnight.

See, very simple indeed and it got a lot of compliments when I wore it at the festival. Why not give it a try?



2 thoughts on “DIY: Sequin Bow Headdress

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