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Shambala Festival

My bank holiday weekend was spent at Shambala Festival, a colourful magical place in a field near the town of Market Harborough. A place where people come together to dress up, have fun, dance there socks off and get involved in a whole host of activities to make you smile. As everyone had made so much effort to dress themselves up for the occasion and with the setting of the festival looking so fantastic, I found it hard to stop taking photographs of everything! Here are just a few of my photographs of the festival site and also the outfit I wore on the final day. This week on the blog I’ll be showing you how to make your own sparkly fancy dress bits and pieces for your future festival needs.

20130826-213503.jpg1185263_10152177489613662_2071434514_n 1240479_10152177460643662_233325241_n 1186814_10152177473673662_1679909890_n 526526_10152177437448662_1610288116_n 1238088_10152177460368662_1003203478_n 1175339_10152177469273662_941159568_n 1175236_10152177492048662_2050419439_n 1175209_10152177467103662_870088352_n 996929_10152177476558662_49185637_n 539085_10152177482813662_1524105246_n


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