Inkblot Testing

I have never completed an inkblot test, I don’t think there has ever been reason to question my emotional functioning, I am a pretty grounded human being I like to think. However, the technique used in this testing is quite clever.  Each person generating their own ideas of what is being placed in front of them, a whole variety of assumptions based on well, not much at all.

Michael Cina‘s work is based around the visual narrative, he seamlessly blends- not blots – inks to create elaborate artwork. Shapes are formed with colliding colours making intricate watery patterns. Each piece carries with it is own atmosphere and mood. Though none can be described as any definite object they could be perceived by each individual in so many different ways. What do you see? I know I see beauty..



BetterTimes[1]FromAbove[1] img388[1] MichaelCinaArtClouds[1] OpenAir[1]


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