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Join the Drawing Community

In my continued effort to regain momentum with drawing, I have been hunting down ways to get involved within the drawing community. A fantastic charity called The Campaign For Drawing was set up with me in mind. It’s aim being to get everyone drawing!

‘Drawing helps us to understand the world, think, feel, shape and communicate ideas. It is fun, accessible and invaluable – in education and everyday life.’ Hear Hear

The charity runs an annual event called The Big Draw. It runs throughout October hosting events in fifteen different countries dedicated to drawing and creating. ‘Hundreds of new and enjoyable drawing activities connect people of all ages with museums, outdoor spaces, artists – and each other. These events are for those who love to draw, and those who think they can’t.’

I have joined The Big Draw’s facebook page which regularly shares drawing inspirations and hosts a drawing competition each week based on a new theme. This weeks theme is Continuous Line and the deadline for submission’s is Monday 19th August @ 5pm. I better get going over the weekend then! To submit your own entry click here.

20130808-223757.jpg 20130808-223750.jpg

These are some of my most recent illustration’s which I’ve jazzed up with some sequins! I would welcome any feedback from you all so I can carry on improving my drawing skills. Thanks


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