At your Back Door

I don’t have a back door, I have a back window though, and from it I can see someone else’s back door and a weathered old deck chair. I didn’t really think much to the view really but photographer Michael Wolf has created a whole series of wonderful photographs shot from many a Back Door where he lives, in Hong Kong.

Photographing a subject that to others may seem mundane is the secret to creating successful photography. To be a photographer you must see the beauty in everything that surrounds you. This is just what Wolf does, he brings your attention to the obscure parts of his city, otherwise overlooked beauty which he collects and displays to you in a large series where they cannot escape your attention.

Wolf has lived in Hong Kong since 1994 and much of his work is devoted to the architecture and culture of the metropolis that surrounds him. Many of his projects have been published as books, including Front Door/Back Door, one half of which I have chosen to show you today..

back_door_01 back_door_02 back_door_05 back_door_08 back_door_10 back_door_381


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