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With just under a week to go on my 30-day self portrait challenge I thought I would post an update on my progress. My initial week of the challenge was all about getting used to photographing my own face.. Scary! In a surprising amount of time it started to become less of a daunting task. To continue to challenge myself throughout the month, this last week or so I have been attempting to take more photograph’s which also show you what I’m wearing. Style shots are something I have always wanted to include in this blog but I haven’t had the confidence to do them before now.

I have learnt some top tips throughout my challenge this week, all of which will be very useful for producing better quality photographs in the future:

1. An iPad will only capture the top half of your body!ย  – no full length shots I’m afraid!

2. Lighting from the back produces blown out images, it is always better to be lit from the front or from one side.

3. A self timer helps to give you enough time to prepare yourself for a photograph.

4. Space and location are important to help get the right shot. This proved quite difficult in my little flat!

20130808-080451.jpg20130808-080331.jpg 20130808-080322.jpgย  20130808-080355.jpg20130808-080337.jpg 20130808-080344.jpg20130808-080412.jpg20130808-080403.jpg

So with little under a week to go I am thinking up new ways to continue to challenge myself further before it’s all over. So far my experience has been a rather positive one, and I’m so glad I did take part, although I must admit it is more than a little strange sharing this many photograph’s of myself with you!


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