DIY: Photo Printing Success

I have been so excited to share this post with you. You may remember that I recently tried to print photographs onto fabric using Lumi Inkodye paints, you can see how I got on last time here. Since it didn’t turn out too great I was determined to give it one last attempt (I don’t like to give up on an idea) and it actually worked! Amazing!


This attempt was 100% better than my last experiment and I believe it’s down to a number of things. After swatting up on tips from the Lumi websiteย here’s what I did differently…


  • Square of canvas fabric
  • Lumi dyes in blue and orange
  • Mixing tray
  • Paint brush
  • A4 piece of foam board
  • Pins
  • Kitchen towel
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors

1. THE LUMI APPย – The app was a major contributor to the success of this experiment as it helped me to create a better negative. It is a simple and easy to use app which helps you to create a negative using photographs you have saved in your iPhone or iPad’s photo library.

After I created the negative using the app I printed two copies out onto acetate and stuck them together, as recommended on the site.

2. This time a prepared my workspace indoors in a shaded area. I mixed a new colour into my mixing tray using equal amounts of blue and orange dye, I then watered it down by adding double the amount of water to the mixing tray. I mixed it all thoroughly using a paint brush.


3. To create a clean line for the print I used masking tape to mark off a square onto the fabric sample the same size as my negative.20130805-231224.jpg

4. I painted a thin layer of dye onto the fabric sample within my marked out area of masking tape. I lightly removed any excess dye with some dry kitchen towel, placed the double negative on top, sat the fabric on top of the piece of foam board and pinned it down. (* I did all of this quite quickly to avoid too much exposure to the light.)


5. I sat the sample on my window ledge in the sun for about 20 minutes…20130805-231241.jpg

6. Once 20 minutes was up, I took the sample back to my shaded workspace and removed the negative to reveal success!! I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling! (I’m such a crafts geek)


7. To finish off I put the sample in the washing machine to remove any excess dye and the process was finished! Now the world is my oyster and I will be printing onto everything! Woo hoo!20130805-231258.jpg








2 thoughts on “DIY: Photo Printing Success

  1. Wow – I love this! I’ve been using Inkodye recently too, I find the blue one seems to yield better results than the orange, and when I have mixed them together, the results were nowhere near as successful as yours!

    Off to have another go… ๐Ÿ™‚

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