Illustration Inspiration

Since my own illustration progression has slowly ground to a holt, I have been looking for inspiration to encourage me to pick up my pencil again. Cecilia Carlstendt has helped to awaken my inner illustrator, she combines painting, printing and drawing techniques to produces elegant high fashion illustrations for clients ranging from H&M to Vogue.

Cecilia’s website is full of inspiring illustrations including work she has produced for exhibitions, as well as her own personal projects. Despite the use of different media within her work there is no compromise on precision, even her dreamy watercolour ladies are perfectly put together.

I have taken inspiration from the first image below, even though the features of the model are unfinished the overall piece looks complete, I like that. I also love the leaked watercolour work, I have always found it very hard to control watercolour paints but this makes me want to give it another try.

11-29-cecilia-carlstedt-C cecilia%2520carlstedt%25202%255B9%255D cecilia_carlstedt_03 Cecilia Carlstedt Cecilia CarlstedtCecilia Carlstedt Cecilia Carlstedt


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