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DIY: I love Gooooold!

You’d have thought that by 27 I might have already known what my favourite colour is, but it took Pinterest and this blog to help me realise that it is in fact gold, plus the fact that I have recently become addicted to spraying everything with gold spray paint!

This week I up-cycled these free and otherwise dull and non-shiney objects into exciting ones with my can of gold loveliness.. 20130731-225828.jpg

I don’t think too much written explanation is necessary here, but if your trying this out for yourself I recommend that you go outside, if you can, and lay down lots of newspaper. Wear gloves and get spraying! Once you have finished spraying leave the paint to dry fully overnight.

And here is my new gold vase, made from an empty coffee jar… 20130731-225945.jpg

and new gold photo frames which no longer look like they are from a previous decade.. 20130731-225954.jpgย If you want to update your home on a budget, look out for some free stuff and buy yourself some spray paint.. in your favourite colour.


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