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A New Take on Plaid

Celiné‘s ad campaign’s are always flawless, quite possibly due to the impeccable style of the brand combined with the creative direction of Juergen Teller. A collaboration which is hard to dislike. This season’s Winter campaign is no exception, the clashing background of middle eastern tiling against both the bold plaid styling and deep jewel hues instantly grab your attention.



The plaid coats and separates are some of my favourite pieces from this collection, the models look like they have been tailored into those rather dull large plaid carrier bags that people often use to transport their laundry! Very quirky and fun, like last seasons cute furry accessories. Nice to see a brand who’s not afraid to share their sense of humour. To see the full collection on the runway click here.

1. Black And Red Giant Jacquard Check Coat 2. Red Knitted Check Top and Red Giant Jacquard Check Skirt 3. Red And Black Giant Jacquard Check Coat


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