Tidy House – Tidy Mind

I can’t deny that I have a lot of stuff, and the fact that I live in a shoebox studio flat doesn’t really help to disguise my clutter, but I am learning to control it. I have this big ol’ ikea bookcase that pretty much holds everything, which this week starting to feel like it was coming to get me! Last night I had an overwhelming urge to make it neater and find out what was actually in there… here is the result!





It’s like a game of spot the difference isn’t it!? I made a few changes to make it look more presentable. I cleared out lots of books and magazines to make space to display some nice bits like my lantern, flower press and home-made ‘N’ which was a Birthday present from my good friend Sian. I tidied all my fabrics into the wicker drawer from Zara Home and made a box of camera equipment and a box of art equipment. It all feels very organised now. I wonder how long it will last!


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