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Just Me, Myself and I

I have been reading this really cute DIY/Lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess for quite a while now, it’s written by sister’s Eslie and Emma from the Mid West who regularly post about photography, style, DIY projects and lots of other lovely stuff. Last week they launched their 30-Day Self Portrait Challenge, which encourages readers to get involved and take loads of pictures of themselves! This kind of thing normally makes me want to cringe, the word ‘selfie’ makes me cringe, but actually it’s a fantastic idea to get you using your camera and to give yourself a bit of a confidence a boost!

I HATE taking photo’s of myself and I know it’s because I am not the most self confident person, taking photo’s of myself just feels so self absorbed and awkward. I once took about three hours trying to get a good picture of myself wearing a top I made for this blog and I didn’t use one photo! I have become an anonymous blogger, no one knows what I look like because even my profile photo isn’t of my face! SO, I have taken the challenge and look, here I am!

I started last Wednesday and at first, I’m not going to lie, I found it pretty horrible and then it started to get much easier. So, as I continue on with my self-portrait challenge I hope to become confident enough to share a little more of me with you, I will keep you posted..


8 thoughts on “Just Me, Myself and I

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  2. I’m a big fan of A Beautiful Mess as well. I hate self portraits too, but I wouldn’t worry, you look gorgeous! X

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