DIY: Photo’s on Fabric

I have owned these Lumi Inkodye paints for about a year now. The photo developing paint allows you to transfer a photograph onto fabric using only sunlight! Easy right!? I was so excited to try them last Summer, as sunlight was quite scarce I experimented a little but it didn’t really work out. I blamed it on the weather and packed them away come Winter.20130723-211614.jpg

This year as we are not short of sunshine I thought I would try them out again, this time I took them to the park, which I’m not sure was the best idea! Here’s what happened..

1. I chose my photo, upped the contrast and turned it into a negative using photo editing software. I printed the image onto acetate and put it through the printer twice to try to enhance the quality. Then I took myself down to the park and set up my equipment in a shaded area.


2. I used a roller to paint on the paint whilst in the shade and then covered the fabric with my negative and placed it in the sunshine.


3. After about 10 minutes I took the sample out of the sun and hand washed it with warm water. When I’d finished it looked like this, rubbish!


I figured I must be doing something wrong!! So, I have been reading the Lumi site which is full of really helpful advice and after having read these two tutorials on Printing on a cotton T-shirt and Printing Indoors I have picked up some valuable advice.

1. First of all, I need to get a better quality negatives so that sunlight doesn’t travel through the printed area’s. Lumi’s advice is to use an inkjet printers so I am on the look out for a print shop in the area.

2. I need to start the process indoors which will help to stop exposure to the whites.

3. I need to wash the sample in the washing machine once they are finished to fully remove any dye from the fabric.

I hope to try out these steps this weekend as this is what I could create using these paints and if it works, it will be Amazing! I am determined to make it happen! Wish me luck!



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