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Speccy Four Eyes

Although I wear contact lenses virtually all of the time, I have been looking for a new pair of specs for the days when my eyes need a break. I think I have been looking for the perfect pair for almost 6 months, and to be honest it is becoming a bit of a chore.

But last week, on my continued hunt to find the perfect pair I came across ACE & TATE a trendy new eyewear brand whose mission is to bring good quality eyewear to you without the huge price tag. They do this by cleverly cutting out the middle men.

‘Ace & Tate’s mission is to make it possible for you to change your eyewear as often as you change your sneakers, without compromising. Glasses wearers ourselves, our philosophy is simple. We design frames we love, and we sell them to you at a fair price.’

There are so many great pairs to choose from on the website, each pair comes in a wide choice of colours, I particularly love the transparent colour options. I ordered 3 pairs for home try on, the package arrived really quick and had a personal message for me inside, nice touch! The glasses are excellent quality, much heavier and sturdier than I thought they would be for the price, Β£89 each, including the fit of your prescription lenses.

Having tried them all on I am sad to say that I have encountered my age-old problem, they fit too wide on my abnormally small face! So even though I have kind of fallen for the brand the hunt for specs continues… (maybe I should ask if they will custom make me a tiny pair or two!)


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