Psychedelic Visions

I’ve been browsing the Cargo Collective site for new talent this week and I came across the work of Leif Podhajsky. Podhajsky creates colourful and repetitive prints based around the idea of psychedelia. He describes his work as, “exploring themes of connectedness, the relevance of nature and the psychedelic or altered experience.  Pursuing a symbiosis between digital techniques and organic outcomes.” Sounds pretty heavy man, and the outcome is rather spectacular isn’t it? With repetitive tie-die tunnels, creepy floral faces and bright swirling oil slicks these prints certainly take you on a journey.

Podhajsky has been commissioned by artists such as Tame Impala, the Foals and Lykke Li to create some stunning album artwork. Choosing the right image to sum up an album whilst at the same time conveying the brands identity must be pretty tricky, but from the looks of things it comes pretty easily. He has also worked on projects for the likes of Nike and VICE magazine. Check out Leif Podhajsky’s website to see an abundance of trippy prints in the gallery.

BONOBO-FIRST-FIRES-flatflat_800[1] FOALS-inhaler-mynumber-RGB_800[1] desert_1_670px[1] TI-ELEPHANThr1_800[1]

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