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Glastonbury Festival

There are a few things I often hear non-believers say about Glastonbury, such as, it’s too big, I can’t shower for five days, it will be a washout, the line up isn’t that great bla bla bla…etc etc etc.  but I have stopped listening now because I have come to realise that most non-believers are similar to those types of people who decide that they don’t like vegetables when they have never actually eaten any…

For me Glastonbury feels like home, me and my best friends have been coming here since our uni days and now it’s the grounds for our annual reunion. Having all my friends in one place makes me so happy that I really don’t care about when I will next shower or whether or not it rains, although I have to admit that the sunshine makes it better. At Glastonbury you are free to share the land of the very wonderful Michael Eavis with people who are the same as you, there’s no trouble just happiness and fun. Michael wants us all to have a good time and enjoy ourselves, and that’s certainly what we do.

This all sounds very twee doesn’t it but it’s true, so don’t knock it til you’ve tried it, because maybe you’ll find a place in your heart for it too.

Here are a few pictures I have taken over the years.. Peace out.

Sunset at the Stone Circle, 2013

270193_10150360470163662_3660814_n Flags, 2009


The Park Stage, 2010

36961_465152713661_6426160_n  View from the Hill, 2010


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