Ethically MADE

Many an ethical fashion brand has been born over recent years, as we become increasingly aware of what’s happening to our world and it’s people, but none so stylish and successful as MADE which offers super cool jewellery handmade by skilled African artisans, whilst operating under ethical and fair-trade principles.

Since trading MADE has collaborated with designers on special projects for brands including Urban Outfitters, ASOS and Whistles, ‘Whatever the motivation, all of our designer collaborations are beautifully unique. Working with some of the biggest names in fashion has not only helped MADE progress and develop into one of the leading Ethical fashion brands but has also inspired the team in Kenya to progress train and develop their skills even further.’

The website offers all and more of unique pieces shown above and gives you the opportunity to learn about what you will be supporting if you buy into the brand. I found it really heartwarming to see what the success of the brand has done for all people involved, to see a happy workshop full of smiling faces.

Made also supports various projects in and around Nairobi, including continued support for the Bidii School, which you can read more about here. ‘Working with partners in and around Kenya means that we are investing in, and helping to build, the skills, and strengths of small businesses in the surrounding communities, a long-term and integral part of MADE’s mission.’ I will most definitely be buying into this brand in the near future.



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