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DIY: Floral Headdress

Last year I made a simple floral and studded headdress (below), to give it a new lease of life this year I created more volume with some extra flowers and added in some metallic gold with my new spray paint! (I am now obsessed with spraying everything gold!) Here’s how it turned out…
Festival Headdress
Equipment Needed:

  •  Silk Flowers in different sizes
  • Needle and Thread
  • Metallic Spray Paint
  • Glitter
  • PVA glue

Festival Headdress

Step 1. Using the needle and thread I sewed more different sized silk flowers onto the ribbon, fitting them around the ones I had sewn on last year.
Festival Headdress 
Step 2. Then I laid out newspaper in a well ventilated place, covered the ribbon with more newspaper and sprayed gently with gold metallic spray paint.
Festival Headdress  
Step 3. Once I finished spraying I left the headdress to fully dry before moving onto the next step.
Festival Headdress

Step 4. Next, I added some blobs of PVA glue around the edges of the flowers and tipped on some glitter to add a bit of sparkle.
Festival Headdress

And now it has been transformed for 2013! I am pleased with the outcome and like the old-fashioned feel the gold has given it. I hope you like it too..



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