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DIY: Sequin Eyelashes

Every year I buy a selection of new eyelashes for festival season, some of which have been quite expensive, and by the time Summer has come round again I have become quite bored of them and end up buying more new ones! So this year, rather than buy a whole lot of expensive lashes, I am making my own cheap as chips sequin eyelashes. Here’s how you can make them too…Sequin EyelashesEquipment Needed:

Plain Black Eyelashes

Sequins and Gems

PVA Glue

Paint Brush

1. Tip out your sequins and gems into a dish and have a little pot of PVA glue ready. Sequin Eyelashes 2. Take hold of one of your eyelashes and stick it to your finger, it should already be a little sticky from the packaging.Sequin Eyelashes 3. Paint a section of the lash with PVA glue and start to stick on your sequins, you can do this in any way you like.ย Sequin Eyelashes 4. Keep adding sequins and gems until you are happy with the result. I have chosen only to cover the outside section of the eyelashes, so the sequins will be at the outsides of the eyes.Sequin Eyelashes 5. Once you have finished with the top section, flip your lash over and add more to the underneath.Sequin Eyelashes6. When you have completed the first eyelash, repeat the steps with your other eyelash, making sure you add sequins to the opposite side.ย Sequin Eyelashes 7. When you are happy with your eyelashes stick them to the edge of your dish and leave them enough time to fully dry off, then they are ready to be worn!




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