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DIY: Sparkly Festival Shades

Some time ago I spotted these sunglasses by Spangled which inspired me to create my own pair of crazy shades. Festival time is probably about the only time you can get away with these but still I thought it was worth the effort! Here’s how you can make yours..

Festival Sunglasses

Equipment Needed:

  • One pair of sunglasses
  • Small toy animals
  • Small coloured gems
  • Spray paint
  • PVA glue
  • UHU glue (super glue)
  • Cocktails sticks
  • Small paint brush

Festival Sunglasses

Step 1. Lay out your gems, sunglasses and glue onto a tray covered in paper.

Festival Sunglasses

Step 2. Paint a small section of your frames with PVA glue. Whilst it’s still wet, pick up each gem using a cocktail stick with a tiny bit of glue on the end, and start to stick them onto your frames. (You can do whatever design you like.)

Festival Sunglasses

Step 3. Cover most of your frames in the gems but leave some space on top of one side so you can attach your chosen toy animal. Now leave these to dry overnight.

Festival Sunglasses

Step 4. Next, prepare a space to spray paint your animals. It’s best to do this outside but if that isn’t possible, choose a well ventilated area. Cover the area in paper and spray away!

Festival Sunglasses

Step 5. Once you have sprayed your animal, leave it to dry overnight along with your frames and then your ready for the final steps.

Festival Sunglasses

Step 6.  Now that everything is dry, use the superglue to fix your chosen animal onto the top of your sunglasses. You may have to hold onto it for quite a while until it feels secure enough to let go.

Festival Sunglasses

Step 7. Put some finishing touches onto your sunglasses by filling in the gaps at the top of your frames with a few more gems, you can also add some extra gems to your animal if you like..

Et Viola! Very jazzy festival specs!


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