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A Life of Drawing

I recently read an interview with illustrator Howard Tangye in A Magazine, curated by Stephen Jones. Tangye lives and breathes drawing, “I have been drawing practically all my life and was encouraged by my parents and inspired by my older brother who was great at drawing cartons.” Tangye now passes on a lifetime of knowledge to the younger generation as senior lecturer at Central St. Martins.

Howard Tangye

Tangye always draws from life, a skill which when mastered enables you to correctly portray the relaxed posture of your subject, producing a very natural and unforced drawing. “In drawings I have always placed importance on character and the body and how it moves. When I designed clothes I also wanted the line to flow.”

Howard Tangye

Howard Tangye

I have always been told that drawing is key to the creative process, I remember enjoying long days of sketching whilst on my Art Foundation Course. I wish I had the discipline and opportunity to commit to a lifetime of drawing like Howard… “Drawing is part of my life and I have never really stopped doing it even when I was working in other areas of design.  It’s demanding, and not always a happy experience. It’s a bit like falling in love, but unrequited.”


Many more drawings can be found on Howard Tangye’s website, here.


2 thoughts on “A Life of Drawing

  1. Hi Style and Influence,
    don’t know if you have seen this, but Howard is on Kickstarter at the moment for his first comprehensive book!

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