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DIY: Long Fringed Necklace

My first DIY of the festival season is a long fringed necklace inspired by my recent post on The Soul Pendant. A relatively simple DIY as long as you have an element of patience, or you could end up in a bit of a tangle! Fringed Necklace Nikki Rodgers

Luckily, I had the exact wool I wanted to use at home, a heavy silk which was donated to me by a lovely freecycle member a couple of years ago. You can use whichever wool you fancy as long as it has a bit of weight to it, which will help it hang nicely from the necklace. Here’s the steps so you can make your own version:

Fringed Necklace DIY

Equipment Needed:

A ball of wool in your chosen colour.

A plain hooped Necklace



1. Measure out a long loop of fabric at your desired length using 10-15 strands of your chosen wool.

2. Take the looped end of your length of wool and hook it over the necklace, pulling the bottom end through the loop on the other side.

3. Pull the wool tightly onto the necklace.

4. Repeat this process until you have the filled your necklace with enough fringing.

Fringed Necklace Nikki Rodgers

I have many more idea’s where this one came from and now that festival season is fast approaching I will be frantically making things to share with you in the up coming weeks. You can find more of my festival inspirations on my Festival Pinterest Board.


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