To the Next Level

One of my goals for this year was to start developing my illustration style, to try to move on from my reliable old 2B pencil drawings and introduce some colour using mixed media techniques. Researching and posting on my favourite illustrators really helped me develop a focus for what I wanted to achieve.

In these two examples I have used watercolour pencils to add colour and definition into the face, collaged the hair using cuttings from magazines and introduced other clippings and (below) a pressed lily petal to make the overall composition more interesting..


What do you think? Next, I am going to experiment with the two pencil drawings below. I will keep you posted on how they work out.


2 thoughts on “To the Next Level

  1. your illustrations are lovely, just lovely. if i may make a suggestion, as an artist I know suggestions are usually bollocks, but the faces would look really good without the entire nose/bridge of the nose outlined. it gives it a crooked,childlike feel to it. they look better when theyre your lighter pencil sketches…

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