The Soul Pendant


This conceptual collection of neckwear by Namarietti is named the ‘Elements of Creation’ representing – Mind, Heart, Soul, Womb, Feminine & Masculine.  Six unique styles have been handcrafted using exotic purpleheart wood from South America and fine woven silks from India. The series of wooden hoops representing the eternal cycles of nature.

Purpleheart is an unusual wood naturally turning a deep purple colour when exposed to light, and is known for its healing and spiritual properties.  The silks are hand-spun in India and are named Aleena Silk – (Arabic for paradise).

mind_pendant_shot_ds_0[1] dsc_0366_b_0[2]

The Soul Pendant (below) is my particular favourite, and has inspired be to make some unique statement woven jewellery myself, as unfortunately I cannot afford the price tag. 

These necklaces are available to buy from Not Just a




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