Urban Elegance

When have you ever seen a ballet dancer outside of the theatre? Nah, me neither..

That’s what makes Lisa Tomasetti ‘s photo series so special. She had exclusive access to photograph the Australian Ballet whilst on their International tour but instead of shooting them in their natural environment she snaps them timelessly suspended in the air upon the street’s of New York, Paris and Tokyo, with stunning results…

Shinagawa Station, 2013

Lisa Tomasetti

Surrounded by the vibrance and grit of the city the Ballerina’s look as elegant as ever, with them they bring a feeling of peace and stillness which is very rarely noted on these streets. What a magical combination.

NYPD, Reiko Hombo, 2013


Lisa Tomasetti

It’s hard for me to choose a favourite from this series as I love the Paris Metro image for its romanticism, but I also think the ballerina and NY police officer are pretty special. I love his expression..

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