Highstreet Newcomer – & Other Stories

I get a bit embarrassed when people ask me where I buy my clothes from because my answer is always the same… most of my wardrobe has been purchased from the sales at Urban Outfitters! I’ve never really found anywhere else that consistently ticks all the right boxes.

My style purchases are usually dependent on the correct balance of individuality, value for money and quality.  I love a good bargain, I don’t want to look like everyone else and I don’t want it to fall apart after wearing it once or twice, I don’t think that’s too much to ask?! The Urban Outfitters sale usually fulfills my needs but I must admit it has become a bit dull always buying from the same shop. So imagine my excitement when a newcomer arrives on the scene and it ticks all the right boxes! Hurrah!


& Others Stories is the sophisticated older sister of H&M, a store based around today’s customer,  the girl who likes to mix and match and get creative with her styling.

Behnaz Aram, Head of Design says, “It’s for women who are interested in fashion and who feel differently every day. Some days you want a romantic dress, the next day jeans and a T-shirt. That’s the same person – it’s not that you dress in one style. You feel different and that’s what we’re trying to reflect.” Yes – Exactly!

I visited the store yesterday and I was a bit like a kid in a sweet shop, but I had to curb my excitement because unfortunately as I am shortly jetting off on my holidays I could only afford to make one purchase, but here is a small selection of things I would buy if I found the pot at the end of the rainbow..

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My one purchase, below, was a sleek and minimal pair of nude sandals which will go with pretty much anything. This certainly won’t be my last visit to &Other Stories, if you can’t get to the London store, check out the website

&other stories.


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