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Flowering Paperwhite Bulbs

So here’s a quick update on the progress of my indoor Paperwhite bulbs.. They are flowering!! To be honest I was a bit skeptical as to whether this would work but they have shot up and have produced a lovely sprinkling of tiny white flowers which look like mini daffodils.

Paperwhite indoor bulbs

Watching the roots and shoots grow from the bulbs has been fascinating, even though I do get a little bit creeped out when I look at the roots through the glass! I was expecting flowers within 4-6 weeks but mine have flowered after two, they must be quite happy in their spot on the windowsill.

Paperwhite indoor bulbs

Now that my dreams of Spring have been dashed by miserable wet and snowy weather, these pretty little things will keep me happy until it finally does arrive… here’s hoping that they last a few more weeks!

Paperwhite flowers

Paperwhite flowers


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