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Spring Time Blooms

On Sunday the sun was a shinin’ and it felt like Spring was just around the corner. It was the perfect day to visit Columbia Road Flower Market to pick up some bright blooms for the flat. I picked up a bunch of Tulips in a lovely orange colour and  7 bunches of Daffodils for £3 – what a bargain!


Whilst I was there I also picked up some sprouting Paperwhite bulbs so that I could try out this tutorial I found on Pinterest, which shows you how to force the bulbs to grow inside on your windowsill.

I did as instructed and have placed my bulbs just above water so the roots are wet and now I am patiently waiting for things to happen, I have already started to notice the roots growing down into the water and the shoots becoming more green…



I hope they are successful and I end up with lovely flowers like these ones below. If it works out, it will be a great gift idea for the future. I will keep you posted on their progress – come on bulbs!


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