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Recently I read Style Feed, The World’s Top Fashion Blogs selected by Susie Bubble. I found it so inspiring to read the success stories of other bloggers who simply blog about what they love. I realised whilst reading this how important it is to stay focused on your individuality, because your blog really is a representation of you. It’s like that saying, ‘Don’t dress for anyone but yourself’, which I totally agree with. Do it for you, not for anyone else and I suppose it’s an added bonus if others happen to like it too..


I enjoyed reading what others had to say about their own blogs, how they felt when they were starting out and their reason’s for posting what they do. I could relate a lot to what was being said. Navaz Battiwalla from Disney Roller Girl described her blog as, ‘A place to empty my brain’. This is exactly how I feel about my own blog, it has become the perfect place to store all of my creative ideas, projects and influences.

I started my blog when I became happier in a new job and it freed up some space for me to start doing more of the things that I love. When I first set up the blog I was a bit confused about what I would post, but it became natural for me to post about the observations I generally make on a daily basis anyway. Posting gave me a sense of creative order. It pushed me to progress with projects that until now had just been laying dormant in my brain.


‘My posts always somehow have to reflect my style and mood’ Gala Gonzalez


‘I like to notice elements of  a person’s style and sometimes I’ll appropriate it for myself.’ Navaz Battiwalla


‘I don’t talk about things or trends for the sake of it’ Gala Gonzalez


My own blog is almost 6 months old now and since it started I have been constantly trying to develop and improve it. For those of you who visit here more often you may have noticed that I have changed the title of my blog to Style&Influence (which became official yesterday). There have been other changes too, I recently met a lovely lady called Cat who will now be modelling for me (pictured below) and I will soon be giving the site a little clean up. I feel that as my self-confidence grows the better the blog becomes and I am exciting about what lies ahead in the future. So here’s to the future of Style&Influence and to blogging in general, because it is seriously good for the soul 🙂



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