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How to Make a Knitted Heart

I have been thinking about making a knitted heart square for quite a while now, but the thought of dealing with a few numbers and switching colours had been putting me off! With knitting season almost over I thought I’d better get a move on so I set myself a deadline, appropriately, so I could post this out to you today.. Happy Valentine’s by the way!

It’s actually fairly simple to achieve once you’ve come up with a pattern, I drew mine out into my sketchbook before I started to knit. Here’s the pattern I came up with…


Knitted Heart Square Pattern:

You will need:

  • Two 50g balls of chunky wool in different colors. I used Twilleys Freedom Chunky in Black and Maroon.
  • Size 15mm Knitting needles
  • Scissors

Step 1. Cast on 30 stitches in one of your chosen colours.

Step 2. Knit one pearl one until you reach the length at which you want your heart will begin.


(Before I jump into Step 3. I should explain that when you reach the point at which you need to change colour, you simply tie on the new colour and continue to knit. Don’t forget to snip off the old colour!)

Step 3. Knit 6 Maroon, 3 Black, 12 Maroon, 3 Black then 6 Maroon.

Step 4. Pearl 5 Maroon, 5 Black, 10 Maroon, 5 Black then 5 Maroon.

Step 5. Knit 5 Maroon, 6 Black, 8 Maroon, 6 Black then 5 Maroon.

Step 6. Pearl 5 Maroon, 7 Black, 6 Maroon, 7 Black then 5 Maroon.

Step 7. Knit 5 Maroon, 8 Black, 4 Maroon, 8 Black, 5 Maroon.

Step 8. Pearl 5 Maroon, 20 Black then 5 Maroon

Step 9. Repeat Step 8. three times (Starting with a pearl row, alternate knit one pearl one)


Step 10. Knit 6 Maroon, 18 Black then 6 Maroon.ย 

Step 11. Repeat Step. 10 increasing one stitch of maroon each time on either side of the heart, until you no longer need the black. (Starting with a pearl row, alternate knit one pearl one)


Step 12. Finish off with knit one pearl one in maroon until you reach the desired length at the bottom of your heart.

Step 13. Cast off.

And there it is, your knitted heart square! Now you can do with it as you wish. You could make it into a cushion, hang it on your wall, give it to your friend or lover.. Whatever! xx


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