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Juergen Teller Woo!


This week I visited the ICA to take a look at the new Juergen Teller exhibition, Woo! Juergen Teller was a massive influence for me when I was studying Fashion Styling and Photography. I have always loved his style and admired his alternative approach to fashion photography.


It was nostalgic to look at the Marc Jacob’s ad featuring Victoria Beckham from 2009, (below) I remember thinking at the time that I would never expect to see her in any way other than her signature pouting pose. It made her seem more real. Reality is a key factor in Teller’s work and it shocked the industry when he arrived on the scene, I think it probably still does to some extent today.


My favourite photographs of the exhibition take centre stage in the main space of the gallery, the stunning portraits of Vivienne Westwood. The three of them are hard to take your eyes off as they are blown up to huge proportions. She looks so relaxed and comfortable, the photographs really capture her wild and eccentric character..


What I admire most about Juergen Teller’s work is his confident use of flash which often produces blown out highlights. This actually compliments his subjects very well. Most people would not be brave enough to produce technically incorrect photograph’s within such a scrutinising industry.





Another highlight of the exhibition for me was the reading room which had been covered head to toe in magazine pull out’s of Teller’s work. Sat on a table in the middle of the room were books including one which was full of complaints from readers who were outraged by his work.



If you are able I would highly recommend going to see this exhibition, it’s free and is an excellent insight into the career of Juergen Teller.



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