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Nail Art: Fine Glitter Nail

I have glittered up my nails to add a bit of sparkle to the last of the Winter months. Why not! I love a bit of glitter. This technique is sooo simple but can be a bit messy – it is glitter after all!


  • Fine Gold Glitter
  • Metallic varnish
  • Top coat
  • A bit of folder A4 paper

1. Paint all the nails which you aren’t going to add glitter too and wait for them to dry. I have chosen to add glitter to just one of my nails on each side but you can do as many as you wish…


2. Next, lay down your piece of paper before you start to pour, this will collect the glitter for you and make things less messy! Paint the nail you want to add glitter too, whilst the varnish is still wet pour over a heap of your chosen glitter..


3. Tap your nail on the paper and let the excess fall off. If the glitter gets stuck all over your finger just help it off with a dry cotton pad.


4.Then cover the glittered nail in a thin layer of top coat. If you get some on the brush just paint onto a clean area of your paper and it should come off.


5. And there you have it, a touch of sparkle! All you have to do now is tidy that glitter up! (But wait until your nails are dry)



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