Cut and Paste

I currently have a huge obsession with mixed media and collage art. I’m not so sure why I love it so much, maybe it’s because I like to collect bits and pieces myself and wish I could collate my hoards of stuff into wonderful artwork.

Lillianna Pereira has a natural ability with mixed media. I came across her flickr page through Pinterest and I couldn’t stop myself from looking through all of the stunning imagery. I highly recommend you take a look for yourself.


I like the fact that each image is made up of found bits and pieces, it looks like they have been quickly thrown together but I imagine each piece has been thoughtfully selected, cut to size and re-arranged into the perfect collage.


I admire artist’s who stick with traditional methods when so much technology is available to us. Lilliana’s work is currently showing in the Taber Art Gallery as part of an exhibition alongside Wendy Seller, called Vital Transformations. Check it out if you can..




One thought on “Cut and Paste

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