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Keep on Sketching!

I have always loved to draw, I always think I should be doing it more often too but I never quite get round to it. I have a little drawing spurt, get really enthusiastic about it and then I just stop and it’s all over until next time..

So this lovely gift from my good friend Vanessa is perfect for me.. she knows me so well! The ‘One Sketch a Day’ diary has just enough space for one small sketch each day. What a wonderful concept to encourage you to draw!


I love the little quote and the instructions in the front of the book. Imagine looking back over a whole year of sketches, it would bring back so many memories..



So here is what I’ve sketched so far. Ok, so I haven’t been doing it once a day, but I have been doing it pretty regularly and I intend to keep it up! I think it will really help me to develop my drawing style too..



Get your own by clicking on this link ‘One Sketch a Day


5 thoughts on “Keep on Sketching!

  1. This is the perfect gift idea for my niece. I just started my sketch-a-day mission and have found it is not only fun but very challenging. It really takes commitment and you have to push aside any lazy thoughts or procrastination.

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